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We strive to promote wellness and to restore and improve health by providing the best quality of care possible.

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Newton Family Physicians has been recognized as a Patient Centered Medical Home by the National Committee of Quality Assurance and we are also a Blue Cross Blue Shield Blue Quality designated physician’s practice (BQPP).

The Patient Centered Medical Home is a philosophy of primary care that is comprehensive, team-based, coordinated, accessible and focused on quality and safety. Our practice emphasizes treating patients with respect, dignity and compassion. It is our hope that this will help build a strong relationship to allow us to work together with our patients to best serve their needs.

Patient Centered : A partnership among providers patients and families ensures that patients' needs and preferences are respected and that patients have the education and support they need to make decisions and participate in their own care. Patients are able to access services with shorter waiting times, "after hours" care, 24/7 electronic or telephone access, and strong communication through health IT innovations.
Quality of Care document.

Comprehensive : A team of care providers is wholly accountable for a patient's physical and mental health care needs, including prevention and wellness, acute care, and chronic care.

Accessible : Care is organized across all elements of the broader health care system, including specialty care, hospitals, home health care, community services and support. Newton Family Physicians is also a part of the NC Health Information Exchange. Along with other participating providers NC HIE allows providers access to health information in order to offer you the best healthcare possible.


Donna, RN
Patient Care Coordinator

We strive to provide patients with the highest quality of care to make sure all of their healthcare needs are met across the spectrum of wellness and illness. Donna works with patients and the providers to make sure patients are offered and receive the highest level of recommended wellness procedures as well as care for patients with specific chronic conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, dyslipidemia.

Mary, RN
Triage Nurse representative

The Triage Nurses are available to assess a patient’s symptoms or health concerns and offer advice. Telephone triage nurses educate patients and guide them to appropriate care, working closely with the patient’s provider team.


Newton Family Physicians will begin holding Diabetes Classes in the month of May. There are also two Insulin Classes scheduled for folks who have questions and need extra help.


May 10th & May 24th 5:30 - 7:00 PM

July 10th & July 16th 5:30 - 7:00 PM

September 6th & September 13th 5:30 - 7:00 PM

November 8th & November 15th 5:30 - 7:00 PM

The first class in the month will go over the following:

  • Diabetes, what is it and why it happens

  • Risk Factors/signs and symptoms

  • Types of Diabetes

  • Managing Diabetes (Blood Sugar Goals, Physical Activity Plan, Meal planning)

  • Healthy eating with Diabetes (Basic Carb Counting, Dining Out, Reading Food labels)

  • Question and Answer Time

The second class of the month will go over the following:

  • Checking Blood Sugar, when and why

  • Problems that Diabetes can cause and how to prevent them

  • Diabetes Medicine, how does it work and what to do if it is not working

  • Sick Days and Traveling and Burnout

  • Discussion of Medications

INSULIN CLASSES: So Your Doctors Says You Need Insulin ....

June 5th & October 11th 5:30 - 7:00 PM

why choose Newton Family Physicians

At Newton Family Practice we offer care from the first days of life. We understand the first year of a child’s life represents rapid changes which can be monitored, enjoyed, and encouraged through each wellness visit. We enjoy the opportunity to partner with parents as they walk through these important steps of their child’s development. Newton Family Practice is committed to caring for your child according to the most up to date standards of pediatric care while also providing the individual attention and concern your child deserves.
Whether it be Heart Disease, Arthritis, Respiratory Disease, Diabetes, Blood Disease or many other chronic conditions, the physicians at Newton Family Practice are empathetic, competent, and ready to walk alongside patients affected by these. We realize that each one of these requires appropriate expertise and attention. We will help patients monitor various levels and indicators, provide the necessary education and resources, and work together with other specialist as the need may arise.
At Newton Family Physicians we offer a comprehensive set of wellness services for women of all ages. This includes health screenings, medical management, and consultative services. We offer a full range of care in gynecology, hormone management, weight management, contraceptive care, breast health, bladder control and bone health.
Diabetes is a complicated and complex disease. In order to serve our diabetic patients we offer regular diabetes education classes that cover topics such as nutrition, weight management, and blood sugar monitoring. Newton Family Practice is happy to offer these complementary to our diabetic patients.

Benefits from Newton Family Physicians

Complete Family Care

We offer care for family members of all ages and strive to help heal patients with a variety of health concerns.

After Hours

In case of an after hours emergency, you can reach the physician's answering service at 828-324-0258.


Our onsite lab is a full spectrum lab with most tests being performed on the same day.


Newton Family Physicians has been recognized as a Patient Centered Medical Home by the National Committee of Quality Assurance. More details here.